Today, I’m going to be talking to you about something that many of my clients have been asking me recently – Is now really the best time for dating ? Considering we’ve got the pandemic and all the weird and wonderful things that are going on around the world. Some singles might be put off and think, well, wait until the new year or wait until it’s all smoothed over. Or perhaps you’re thinking about getting into it now but don’t now how do it.


Is this really the best time for dating and finding love?


I’ve got some great news for you. The answer is 100 percent, yes, absolutely that now is the best time for dating that we’ve ever had. In 15 years, I’ve never seen such a huge amount of people looking to find a long-term partner. So are many of the agencies that I work with, I actually work as a coach for about 12 different dating agencies around the world, and many of them are booming. The reason is that people have had a really good chance to reflect on what they want during lockdown. They’ve realised that life isn’t just about work and how quickly they have to rush through their lives.


Single professionals now know that there are more important things out there like finding a partner. They want to find someone now and they know they have a clear idea about the person they’re looking for. The only issue is that the traditional ways of meeting people face to face or perhaps for singles events and singles parties just aren’t possible at the moment. Even some dating apps out there aren’t options because they’re mainly about quick hookups. Hook ups aren’t of any interest to anyone during a pandemic. If that’s what you are looking for then now is probably not the best time for dating for you!


As a Dating Coach, I’ve  helped many people that have had problems and had relationship breakdowns during this pandemic. They are fed up being unhappy and have realised what they don’t want. Now they’re ready to focus on what they do want.  They have had a chance to really think about the type of person they want and what a good relationship will look like. If we get another lock down that nobody wants to be on their own. There’s always a temptation to wait for a better time to come along. Maybe when you lose one stone, maybe when you get a new job. Maybe when the weather’s better, but the only best time for you is right now, if you make some steps now and some changes now to get towards what you want, then you’re going to find that in the coming months you’re ready and prepared to get maximum results. I firmly believe in the law of attraction. Whatever you do in life, you will get back ten times over if you take action.


Get going, get moving and get started.


Don’t put your happiness on hold any longer. Just get on with it and find someone. It’s still very much possible to date as long as you do it safely. Try some of our socially distanced dating ideas and start having fun


So how do you meet a partner?

Well, I can say relationship coaching is doing really, really well, but dating agencies are becoming massively oversubscribed too. In fact, some of them are so busy that they’re raising their prices. Dating agencies take out all the hard work for you and they find people that are serious about dating. If you want to save money then now is the best time for dating to beat any price increases.


They work with you to find the best possible match. The main difference between online dating and matchmaking is that online dating isn’t really designed to get you quick results. These apps aren’t a magic button that you just press and find your perfect partner. If they were, they wouldn’t be to make it a sustainable business. If you found the perfect match right away then they lose you as a customer. In fact, they lose two customers!


Matchmaking agencies are the complete opposite though.  It’s in their best interest to find you somebody quickly after you have paid the fees. When they find your dream match, they’ve got two success stories and you all live happily ever after. Then they can tell your story to the next people coming along and work hard for them.  I appreciate that sometimes the fees might seem a bit high, but the fees really are worth it. If you get the result you want then you’ve made a great investment.


You don’t want to wait until the perfect time because the best time for dating is now. The pandemic might get worse. Get out there and start meeting people while you have this amazing opportunity.  I promise you, there is someone out there for you that would absolutely love to meet you. You just need to take the first steps. Even when you do meet someone amazing you have to allow time to get to know them, to date, to move in together, to get engaged or to get married. It’s not instant so you have to being the process as soon as you can possibly do so. Just remember to have fun and learn to date safely during the pandemic


Now reach out to one of the agencies through my dating agency review site or book a personal call with me today.  You’ll soon find yourself in a relationship so much faster than you ever possibly dreamed. The best time for dating is right this second so let’s get you started!