First Date Tips For Single Professionals

Landing a first date can be hard enough, you don’t need to be worried about making it successful. It’s easy to get swept up in the dating stories and fear for the outcome of your own. These stories are often dramatized. The reality is that dating will always be intimidating on some level because you’re putting yourself out for rejection. There are ways you can ease some of that worry. Below, we’ll look at a few tips for single professionals that will land a second date.

Dress To Impress

It should go without saying that your personal appearance is going to play a part in the success of a first date. It’s easy to tell a lot about someone based on how they present themselves. If you’re dressed too casual, you may come across as disinterested. If you’re dressed too fancy, you’re trying too hard. Ideally, you’ll find a balance between the two. Of course, you shouldn’t dress beyond your comfort zone either. You want to feel comfortable and confident on a first date. It helps to be freshly bathed and have a nice scent too.

Don’t Discuss Finances

For some single professionals, a first date may seem like a good time to discuss finances. If you’re dating a fellow professional, it may just come up in conversation. Money is a tricky subject because it can go wrong. You may feel like you’re comparing salaries. You may feel like they are out to get your money or they may feel that way about you. It’s better to leave any talk of finances for another day. Ideally, when you’re already in a relationship.

Work is Boring

Although your profession says a lot about you, you may not want to say a lot about your profession. It’s hard to listen to someone talk about what they do for a living, especially if it’s something that’s hard to understand too. Instead of talking about work in depth, talk about experiences. You can share things you’ve learned along the way, which can be more relatable.

Common Ground

A first date is the perfect time to establish common ground. Depending how you met each other, you may already know a fair bit of information. If you don’t already know, asking about hobbies and interests is a great way to figure out what you have in common. Establishing common ground helps to decide if you’re compatible long-term.

Be Conversational

As boring as work is, it’s better than talking about nothing. You’re not going to make a connection with someone if you’re not giving them anything to work with. If work is all you have, then you might want to pick up a new hobby or something. You want to be interesting, without embellishing.

Be Authentic

There’s nothing worse than meeting someone who doesn’t turn out to be the person we thought. It’s tempting to try and present yourself as a more interesting person. This can backfire. Instead, try being your authentic self. You can always enhance your inner self in order to still be attractive. Just don’t go overboard or you’ll come across as fake. You’re looking to make a genuine connection with someone, so be a genuine person!