London Matchmaker Genevieve from Elect Club kindly allowed us to interview her

Why did you decide to become a Matchmaker?

 I was a head-hunter in recruitment and all my clients asked if I could find them a love partner as easy as I could find them staff so I started a supper club once a month for single clients.  This grew at the rate of knots, (well it was over 20 years ago, pre internet)  we had over a thousand members and 8 marriages/proposals in the first year. 

What makes you different to other companies/matchmakers? 

I have been doing this over 20 years and I have a holistic approach to matchmaking.  I am also the only qualified Coach who is a London Matchmaker.  We have everything in house to help someone attract the right love from Matchmaking, coaching, events (that were featured in The Times as the best Singles Events) styling and even online dating support for clients who can’t afford a matchmaker.  At Elect we really are a private Club for Single professionals.  Our members make great friends to go out with and there is a real social feel at our events that everyone loves.  We are the only Dating Club in Europe that operates in the way we do. We have had over 90% success rate in the last year, which we are so proud of.  We pride ourselves on quality introductions rather than quantity introductions and it works really well.  I think people genuinely like us because we take the time to really get to know them and that makes us successful.  We offer so many things that they have the confidence to know they will be successful and we only take on clients we can honestly help.  I am also a trainer for the Matchmaking Institute worldwide, having just come back from 8 days teaching and presenting in New York. I am delighted to be an industry mentor, working with new matchmakers from over 36 different countries around the world.  We also run the matchmaking conference in the UK for iDate which is the worldwide conference for the Dating Industry.  It is an honour to be recognised as one of the world’s leading dating and relationship experts as well as leading London Matchmaker.

What do you like most (and least) about being a matchmaker? 

I love it all (after 20+ years) I love the success stories and watching people grow and fall in love.  There is no job in the world better in my view.  There is a lot of Admin, which I am not so fond of!

Do you think the way matchmakers are viewed in the UK is changing? 

I think a lot of the rogue matchmakers are coming out of the game and also their reputations are being made more public.  This is helping those of us who are professional and committed.  Every week we get more and more referrals and people are far more open to working with a London Matchmaker once they see the value we offer.  They also love the events and the social side Elect Club offers.

Do you have any funny or interesting dating stories?

Millions… I am not sure I can publicise many.  We have one couple who are getting married this year who after date 2 decided they were not right for each other. Then bumped into each other at an event and decided that actually they had more in common than they first realised.  DING DONG wedding bells this year. 

What’s the best advice you would give to someone looking for a partner?

Be open and talk to a London matchmaker, they could just change your life.  Don’t put things off until tomorrow as we never know what tomorrow will bring and if you are reading this just give me a call or email me.

What are the most common mistakes people make when dating?

Expectations get in the way all too often and allowing other people to get involved.  Family and friends telling you what you need and who you should be dating.  Just one coaching conversation will change the way you date forever.

What is your greatest success story as a London Matchmaker? 

A couple of years ago I was approached by another industry professional who was struggling to help a lovely lady who had been a victim on online dating fraud twice.  She was divorced from an arranged marriage and the majority of her family disowned her.  She hated her job, gave up driving due to lack of confidence and never left her home after dark as she felt very insecure after the dating fraud.  Within a year of coaching she was a new confident woman and the final stage, we brought her to our London studio and gave her a full make over, some fabulous photos.  That night she posted the photos of the day and her whole world changed.  She is now in a loving relationship, her family have welcomed her back and she has a new job that she loves.  She is driving again too!  Every month she sends me an update and thanks me for giving her, her life back.  I cry each time I hear from her.

What trends and changes do you see happening over the next few years in the dating world?

I think there are lots of new changes both online and offline.  I think the two are starting to come together.  We are having a lot of conversations with online dating companies and Apps and I know fellow professionals are.  I know the stigma of meeting someone has pretty much gone and lots more people are happy to go to events alone and be brave when it comes to dating.

What qualities do you think make for a great partner? 

Honesty, Trust, compatibility and the most important humour.

What is the best way for a man to approach or a woman?  Is it OK for a woman to approach a man? 

It is fine for anyone to approach anyone.  I believe if you like someone, go for it!  What do you have to lose?  You have everything to gain.  Be natural and be yourself, start with a smile and if someone smiles back acknowledge it and talk to them.

What is the secret of a long and happy relationship?

Great communication and humour are two of the key ingredients.  Keep on dating your partner and never take them for granted.


You can find out more about London Matchmaker Genevieve and her agency Elect Club  HERE