Introduction Agency London Guide To Meeting Men

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Introduction Agency London Guide: Where to meet eligible men in London

London is one of the best cities in the world to navigate if you are on the search for Mr Right. It has it all: swanky bars, urban hangouts, tourist attractions and pop-up events. With its abundance and variety in social activities, London is a goldmine for hot eligible bachelors. If you’re not having any luck meeting the right guy, you’re probably looking in the wrong places. Here is my Introduction Agency London Dating Expert list of my top 5 London hotspots you need to know about:

Upscale hangouts

Some of the easiest places to meet men in London would be its swanky pubs and bars. Mayfair and the Dover Street are always filled with the wealthy and single. The best part about chatting to guys at bars and clubs in this area is that they are likely to be in a relaxed state and keen on socializing with you.


Every guy who looks any good has a gym membership. Get yourself one ASAP if you don’t have one already. The area of your gym is key; if you want a welloff professional type the more premium central London gyms would be your go-to.

Cultural Events

Food and beer festivals in the summer bring out an array of guys looking for a fun time. It’s a nice chilled out scene where you can socialise easily and meet all kinds of people. If you are more of a creative, art galleries such as The Tate always have something on. More of a film buff? Get glam and hit up the next premier in Leicester Square. Don’t forget Europe’s biggest carnival happens every August in Notting Hill…


Women runners are outnumbered by the men by at least ten to one… Need I say more?! It’s the perfect place to get hot, sweaty and competitive with fit, single men. If all else fails, fake a twisted ankle and see who comes to your rescue.

Career change

If you spend most of your week surrounded by bitchy women in a stuffy office it might be time to start job searching. Be practical and move to a career that is more man-orientated – more selection, better the chances.

Sometimes it takes a break in your routine to run into that special someone. If you are really trying to find the perfect guy, take a break and just enjoy life. Visit new places, take on a hobby, start swimming… Great guys seem to come when you least expect it.

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