Introduction Agency Tips to Get Your Ex Back

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Introduction Agency Tips : To Avoid When Trying To Get Your Ex Back

You may be thinking of joining an introduction agency after a difficult break up. However, it may instead be tempting to try and get your ex back.  

We’ve all been there; broken hearted and feeling hopeless. Unfortunately, a part of dating is breaking up. But it doesn’t have to be a bad thing. A break up can be the start of something new. Together or apart. Whether or not you and your ex can work things out depends on the actions you take after the break up.

Since each person is uniquely different from one another, there’s no telling what will and won’t work for sure. But, we can tell you what grave mistakes to avoid in the period of time that follows your break up. Now, if you’re not the one who called things off, it’s going to be hard to avoid some of these mistakes. Do your best. It’ll pay off.  

To help, here our my best introduction agency expert tips:

Common Mistakes To Avoid:


 You may feel an overwhelming crushing feeling, like your lungs are giving in or your heart is failing. These physical pains are simply manifestations of what your heart feels. The separation of losing someone you love. But the worst thing you can do is allow those feelings to overtake you. Yes, you have to process the idea of life without that special someone even if you plan to get them back. Process those feelings, but don’t express them to your ex. It’s unflattering to yourself to beg for their affection.

Becoming A Doormat

The same can be said for this behaviour; it’s unflattering. You want to compromise yourself a little bit to allow your ex the space she/he needs. But you don’t want to sacrifice everything you are to do so. When a relationship ends, we each feel like a piece of us has been taken. This is normal. But remember that while your ex took a piece of you, she/he didn’t take all of you. You are still a person, capable of feelings and worthy of love and respect. So act like one. You need to be strong now more than ever. You need to exhibit that strength as well.

Constant Contact

Many of us have been through those break ups where we couldn’t help but call or text our exes. This does nothing but push them further away. What your ex needs now is space. So do you. You need time to get back in touch with your wants and needs, and maybe ultimately realize you don’t want this person in your life. Or, realise that they are important and you need to do what it takes. But time heals all wounds. You can keep in touch, but don’t be clingy and don’t beg. Be casual, and confident.

Undying Declarations

Yes, you’re in love. You know and they know all about your feelings. Does it really help either of you to keep bringing them up? No it doesn’t. Again, you’re only going to succeed in pushing your ex further away with every declaration. You don’t need to show signs of affection. You don’t need to make romantic gestures. Again, you both need space and time.

Pity Parties

You are welcome to feel sorry for yourself. Everyone does for a period of time after a break up. It’s important that you move through that phase quickly and work on bettering yourself. The time frame for self-pity is different for every person. But, you should never try and get pity from your ex. Don’t manipulate them by using your sadness and misery to try and win them back. Even if you succeed, it’s a false victory. Wouldn’t you rather have your ex running back happily? Then work on yourself. Seriously.

Staying “Friends”

If you want to keep your ex in your life while you’re giving each other space, think again. Space means space. It doesn’t mean getting in each others. Yes, there is the rare occasion that being friends with your ex leads to them coming back to you. You know, after realising how understanding and compassionate you really are. But more often, it leads to the relationship being over. You could end up being considered a friend and your ex might move on completely. Or, you might both be tempted to carry out a physical relationship. Either way, it’s only going to end messy. This isn’t the way to start your relationship over again, which is ultimately what you want to do.


There’s no way to avoid it, your ex might start dating someone new. If this happens, you need to calm down. You don’t need to start thinking she/he is over you already. After a break up, many people find themselves in another relationship. These are referred to as rebounds, and ultimately mean the person isn’t happy alone. This could indicate you left a hole they are trying to fill, or that there is a hole inside them and you aren’t even the real problem. Now don’t go around making assumptions. But the moral is you need to give your ex that space. That freedom. There’s a very high chance that rebound relationship is just going to fall apart anyway.

If you’ve already made these mistakes, all you can do it prevent yourself from repeating them. When you’re hurting, it’s hard to see things from a logical stand point. But, logically, your ex will want you back when they see how well you held yourself together and how supportive you were of what they were going through. Keep in mind though: not everyone is compatible and some relationships just can’t work. So you may well be better off looking to meet new people through an introduction agency or top online dating site

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