London Dating Agency Tips- Coffee Shop Approach

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London Dating Agency Tips – Approaching Someone In A Coffee Shop

It’s no secret that dating online has become all the rage. It seems to be the preferred method of meeting people to almost everyone. But there are still people out there who prefer to meet people the old fashioned way. Of those people, there’s a good percent that aren’t comfortable in the bars or speed dating. So, what options are there?

As a leading london dating agency expert, it’s never a bad idea to check out the local coffee shops. Yes, that sounds a little out dated, but the fact is it’s still a proven gold mine for making connections.

You’ll likely want to choose a regular spot that you go to frequently. It should be a place you feel comfortable that is also in a populated area. You’ll notice regulars. While some of these regulars are just looking for a place to spend spare time, others are there for the same reason. If you see someone sitting alone, sipping a coffee and reading a book, you might feel hesitant about approaching them.

Now, approaching someone is never an easy thing to do. We’ve all had our nerves get the best of us. But be confident. Approach the person of your interest and ask if you can sit with them. If you know something about the book they are reading, make a comment. Or if you like the outfit they are wearing, say something. You need to strike up a conversation. If they don’t seem receptive of that, you know that they aren’t interested in meeting people. That’s a good sign to back away. But don’t assume that because someone is otherwise occupied that they aren’t interested in what you might have to say.

Approach and ask. Never assume.

The same cannot be said for those who are wearing headphones and sitting in a coffee shop. They are likely there to enjoy a coffee and nothing more. People who don’t want to be approached often make it very obvious. Others may seem unapproachable, but if you’re questioning it, go ahead and try approaching them anyway. If they aren’t interested, they will let you know. If they continue the conversation or ask you to join them, you’re set.

Really, the best thing to approaching someone, anywhere, is to approach with confidence. You don’t want to seem like a creep randomly going up to someone and striking a conversation. But not everyone who approaches a stranger is considered a creep. It’s all about attitude and the way you carry yourself. If you can recognize the signs to back off or push forward, that’s a bonus. But, not everyone is capable of reading body language. In fact, most people require words. But, if the person you approach isn’t interested, they are likely to use words to tell you just that.

When it comes to meeting new people, don’t worry so much about how they’ll receive you. Be confident. You’re interested in making a connection with like minded people, after all. If you’re shy, that’s understandable. But, you’ll never succeed if you don’t try!

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