Matchmaking Agency Advice: 5 Best Questions to Ask

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Matchmaking Agency Advice: 5 Questions To Ask On A First Date

As a dating expert for many a matchmaking agency , I know there is always a level of discomfort when you’re on a first date. You’ve experienced that many times in your life, most assured. As has the rest of the world. There’s no magic formula for the perfect date. You can make the right arrangements and wear the right thing, but if the conversation falls flat, it might have all been for nothing. Getting to know someone is such a crucial part of the dating process. But, just asking the simple surface questions often isn’t enough. You can’t judge compatibility based on favorite movies or television series. While yes, that means there are common interests, it doesn’t say much about their personality. That being said, you don’t want to dive into philosophical conversations either. Unless, the conversation naturally progresses in that direction on it’s own.

There are a few key questions you can ask a first date that will strike up conversation, or propel the conversation forward.

  1. What would you consider your long term goals in life?  

This can mean in a career or a relationship. If you’d like to specify, do. Otherwise, let your date answer however they are more comfortable answering. If they haven’t been on a date in a while, they may choose to answer with their career, or a general statement about life. But, this question can open the door for other questions, such as: How do you plan to achieve this goal? What do you think stands in your way? What are your strengths or weaknesses in achieving this goal? Etc.

  1. Who would you consider to be your biggest influence in life, and why did you choose this person?

This is a great question because it allows you to analyze much more of your dates personality. Too often we take for granted that there is more to a person than the surface. A question like this really gives you the chance to peer into the vast ocean that is the person you’re asking. The reason behind our influences in life is much more valuable than we ever consider.

  1. What do you find the most attractive? What do you find the least attractive?

These two questions are great for a first date because it helps you to gauge yourself against their ideals. You can see what you have that they like, and what you have that they dislike. It gives both you, and your date, the opportunity to dive into more detailed conversations. Maybe about past relationship mishaps. Maybe about future relationship goals. This question can really help you to determine compatibility.

  1. What are your likes/dislikes about the entire dating process?

This gives you the chance to get to know what to avoid, and what to do more of. This will give you the greatest insight into what your date is looking for. It also gives you insight into what your date is like as a person. Our likes and dislikes of the dating game can say a lot about who we are as people. Different people might join a matchmaking agency for a variety of different reasons.

  1. Tell me something about you that I wouldn’t guess.

This isn’t exactly a question, but again, it opens many different doors. From here you can find yourself discussing each others’ quirks and interesting habits. Or you could find out a completely different side of your date. With this question, the options are endless.

Yes, you might want to ask your date about their career, or living arrangements. You might want to know if they’ve been married or have children. You may be interested to know more about their background. All of these are great questions to ask, but may still result in the conversation falling flat. That’s why it’s always a good idea to have a safety net of more interesting things to talk about on your first date.

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