UK Matchmaker Tips: How to be date ready

As a UK Matchmaker and Dating Coach, I know that first dates can sometimes be scary.  So here is my expert advice to help.

D-day has arrived. You want to make the best first impression so your pre-date prep is very important. Let’s start with the obvious do’s and don’ts:

Smell good

Shower, bath or at least rinse the most important regions before any date. Chances are you’ll be nervous and sweating buckets before arrival, so make sure you stay smelling nice by keeping excellent hygiene. This goes for teeth too, no date ever ended well if bad breath was involved.

Arrive on time

I don’t think there is anything more off putting than a late date. Unless there is good reason for your tardiness i.e. a major family emergency, show some consideration and be on time, if not a little early. If you do happen to be unavoidably late, apologise, explain why and move conversation on to something more positive ASAP.


This one is for guys. Always pre-book a table or seats at your date venue. Not only would it be a waste of time to turn up to a fully booked restaurant, but it also shows a lack of organization and planning (skills which should have been acquired by school age!).

There are also some less obvious tips we should discuss:

Pre-date questions

Avoid awkward silences by having some pre-date questions lined up. This could range from general stuff like “where do you work?” up to the not so general, such as “Did you see the latest episode of Game of Thrones?”. Hopefully the flow of conversation will keep things interesting, but there is also no harm in having back up chitchat in storage.


The key is to be yourself on any date. However, If you love to wear giant bows in your hair or eccentric ties you should be able to on any occasion right? Wrong. Yes be yourself, but tone it down to what most would deem ‘presentable’. After a few dates and getting to know each other, your more ‘out there’ side can rear its quirky head. Until then allow your personality to take center stage instead.

Paying the bill

It’s 2016, yet we still debate about whether its right for a woman to pay on a first date. I believe, if you are a gentleman and you have asked a lady to go out with you then its only fair to pay for the date. If you are on a budget, don’t take her to the most expensive steakhouse in town, keep it classy but affordable and offer to pay the bill.  This is very important if you are hoping for a second date.

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