Introduction Agencies Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve put together some of the most common questions I get asked about introduction agencies and matchmakers.


I hope you find them useful to make the best choice about which British introduction agency is right for you.

Introduction Agencies
How Much are Dating Agency Fees ?
Dating Agency Fees can vary widely, depending on the amount of dates you are guaranteed.  Typically, most packages start at about £3000 and can go up to £15000 for  highly personalised head-hunting service.
What sort of people join dating agencies?
Members are professional singles just like you.  Each one is interviewed and vetted to make sure they are genuinely looking for a long term relationship or marriage.
How long are contracts?
Contracts are usually three months, six months or annual. Your dating agency fees will probably be more affordable if you sign up for a longer period.
Which introduction agency is best?
This really depends on the individual. You need to choose the one that suits your needs, but this is something I can help you with.
Which areas do you cover?
There are fantastic dating agencies all over the UK.  I’m more familiar with the ones in London and the South East but I may be able to help with other regions too.

Also, some agencies have offices over the world.

I've not got a degree, does that matter?
Not all professionals are graduates.  However, if you are a single professional with a good standard of life then an introduction agency could be the right choice for you.  Life experience is much more important!
Will you coach me as part of the matchmaking agreement?
Sometimes yes, this can be arranged.  However, it’s normally best to work with me independently.
Are Introduction Agencies modern or old fashioned?
Nowadays, most introduction agencies are staffed with either young professionals or lead by an older and trusted dating agencies.  It’s not just someone stuck at a desk searching on a computer.
How do they find me matches?
Most reputable introduction agencies have many members on their books.  They are either other people just like you who have signed up, or they are handpicked by the matchmakers.  A certain amount of headhunting can happen and lots of work goes on behind the scenes to find you your perfect match.

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