Dating Agencies Can Be The Gamechanger You’ve Been Looking For !


I’ve been a dating coach now for almost 20 years, and I work with many different brands in the dating industry. And this includes working with over 17 different introduction companies around the world. I am very, very blessed and privileged to do this. I get to see all their clients, the matchmakers, the success rates. I know all the prices. I know what happens.

And for many people, I know how confused and tired you are of dating the conventional ways nowadays!

People are using the dating apps and they’re struggling badly. They really are. Men aren’t meeting anybody because there’s so many men on there compared with women. Women are meeting the wrong type of person because they’re seeing poor quality profiles. And I know people are much more serious now about finding people since the pandemic, but they are looking for quality now rather than quantity. There really is no point going out on 10, 20 dates a month with just random people. You’ve got to laser focus the perfect match that you want and go out there and get that.

Dating agencies can definitely help you do this. They’ve got a team of expert matchmakers who have been doing this for quite some time, who will know what to do to get you what you want. A good dating agency will promote themselves in all the right places, to ensure they attract the right sort of person. 

It’s as easy as that. Every member is vetted. They have to pass various background checks in order to be approved. A good agency will not just take everybody on, believe it or not. It’s not just about money. If they take somebody on that they can’t help, that’s going to lead to a world of problems further down the line. So I know that a good dating agency will take the time to interview people, get to know them, and really consider if it’s someone who is going to be a good match for their agency. Otherwise, it’s a waste of everyone’s time.

Now, let me tell you the cold hard truth. Dating agencies are quite a lot of money. They really are. We’re talking 5, 10, 15, £20,000 sometimes to do this. So is it really worth you spending that sort of cash? The short answer is, if you’ve got money doing nothing, then why not do something different? Why not spend it on the best investment you can possibly ever make in your life, finding a love partner? However, having said that, if you don’t have a huge amount of money, if money is tight then don’t do it.  If you are feeling the cost of living problems at the moment and you have to borrow money then choose something else. If you would really struggle if you were to do this, then please do not consider joining a dating agency. It’s just not the right path for you at this time. The good news is there are cheaper, more affordable dating agencies out there, and if you want some advice on this, I have lots of links on my dating agency reviews  website right now that will help you point you in the right direction. You do not need to be spending out thousands and thousands of pounds.

There are different options for everybody. But I’m talking to the people now that are thinking of making this investment. Maybe you want to spend somewhere around £10,000. You’re thinking, well, what do I get for this? First of all, you will have a team of experts out there who are going to be working in your corner each and every day. They’ll be finding you the right sort of matches that you want and need. They’ll be working with you to send you out on dates and get you the best possible matches of the right type of person as quickly as possible. Let me warn you though, this is not an instant process. Just because you’re spending money on this does not mean it will happen overnight. The good things in life do take a little while to happen but they are worth waiting for.


Dating Agency Guarantees


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People often ask me, “what are the guarantees with the dating agency?”  You’ll meet better quality people, but there really are no guarantees when it comes to this. No matter how good your personal matchmakers is, you can’t predict love. You can’t really guarantee love in any way. But what you can guarantee is you’re giving yourself the best possible opportunity in your life to meet somebody. It’s the ultimate act of self love and you won’t regret trying.

Make a promise to yourself now that if you want to do this, do it now. Start today. Reach out to me. Give me a call, and I will help you. I will help point you in the right direction of dating agencies that could be a good fit for you. I realize and I appreciate that there are so many that it can be overwhelming. I know that everyone claims to be the best, but I know who is right. I know these matchmakers personally. Many of them are friends of mine and I coach clients for them all the time.

I’ve sent many of my clients, my personal dating coaching clients,  to these introduction agencies. I know who gets looked after, who’s having a good experience, who is disappointed. I know this as they will always tell me the truth! So, as I said,  the only guarantee is you’re giving yourself the best opportunity and I want you to do that. But don’t have to do it alone. There’s no reason why. You’ll be investing and working alongside a strong team of people who are supporting you on your new journey. This really could take between 3, 6, even 12 months to make it happen. It’s going to be expensive.

But do you know what? You can always make money. We earn money and we spend it, so the cycle continues. 

What you can’t get back is time. I hate to break it you, but time is running out, believe it or not, for us all. Every day, we work, we dream of the future and Christmas seems to come around faster and faster every year. New Year will be here quickly than you can say “Auld Lang Syne.”  There’s never a perfect time, so you might as well start now.

If you’re sick and frustrated of the dating apps, then please don’t waste a second longer doing that. It’s pretty foolish thing to do. There’s one exception to this. If you are new to dating, maybe you’re recently widowed or separated or divorced and you’re new on the dating scene, then why not give the dating apps a go? Why not try the more affordable options that there are? Why not consider dating coaching with me? A few sessions and I can point you in the right direction and stop you wasting a second longer of your life. It’s easy to make many mistakes in the dating world, and I don’t want you to do that. But if you are looking right now to join a dating agency and you’d like some help, you’d like someone to support you in a free confidential call, then please do book 1 in with me right now. I would really love to talk to you, find out what’s going on, and point you in the right direction.

I do this for free for two reasons. First of all, I believe that I have a duty to point people in the right direction because I know the good companies, and it’s almost horrible thing to do if I don’t help people and they end up spending money on the wrong agency. It’s money down the drain, and they end up frustrated and poor. And I don’t want you to be out of pocket. The second reason I do this is because maybe you enjoy talking to me. Maybe you have a good experience. Maybe you’ll come back to me for a dating coaching session in the in the future, or perhaps you will tell your friends about how cool I am. Because I really am here to support you.

I’m a nice guy. I’m friendly. I’m approachable, and I’m here waiting to help you. So if you’d like some help, there’s a book a call button right in the top right hand corner of this link. Please do click it now. Book in a call now. Don’t delay, it’s completely free. I would love to talk to you and find out what’s going on and discuss the various options that there are.

There’s so many different dating agencies for all different types of people all over the country. So don’t waste another second. Reach out now, and let’s have a quick chat. I can’t wait to hear from you.

Have a great rest of the day and thanks for reading!

Best Wishes,