Win Your Ex Back Fast

Break-ups are never an easy thing. They are filled with emotional turmoil and tear-stained pillows. A series of bad decisions can often follow a particularly harsh break-up. There’s almost always yelling and hurtful things said. But once the tears have dried, many of us find ourselves missing our ex. This is more common than you could imagine. But, missing your ex doesn’t mean you should try and win them back.

The first step you need to take is internal reflection. Often our hearts will see a past relationship through a rose-colored filter. You need to bring yourself back to the reality of the relationship. Before trying to win your ex back, you have to ask yourself:

Do you miss him/her or do you miss having someone?
If you miss them: What exactly do you miss about him/her?
What has changed in your life since losing him/her?
Think about the worst fight the two of you had while you were together: What was it about?
How did you resolve it your arguments?
Did you have frequent arguments?
Did you seem to argue about everything?
Was it easy to resolve your issues?
What brought the end of the relationship?

The answer to these questions will easily determine whether or not it’s a good idea to try and rekindle the romance. You may realize you just miss having someone who made you feel loved and valued. If that is the case, you’re missing a relationship, not that person in particular. You may want to get out into the dating world or you may want to practice self-love.

If you’ve gone through all of the questions and find that you miss quirks that were unique to your ex, then your next step is to find out if your ex is missing you too. If they don’t feel the same about you and they don’t miss you, there’s nothing you can do to persuade them. You have to respect their feelings and their choices. If they have moved on, you have to let them go. The good news is that if the feelings are mutual, there is always a chance for the relationship to blossom in the future. The best way to find out how your ex feels about you is by looking at the break-up.

Here’s what you need to ask

Who initiated? Him/her? You?
If it was you, why?
If it was them, what reason did they give?
How did he/she react when you dumped him/her?
Did they say hurtful things, cry, break something?

If they did have a poor reaction, that is a good indication that you can win your ex back. A harsh break-up may be unflattering, but it can be a good sign because it means there is still love. A mutual separation or quiet “this isn’t working” conversation means that the love is gone. There is no chance. As much as the harsh break-up hurt, it means the individual still cares enough to demonstrate passion. Use that information to illustrate to your ex the reasons you should be together.

Before you rush off and try to win your ex back, you have to know what you’re going to say to him/her. The best way to articulate your feelings is by writing a letter to your ex. You can drop it off in-person or send it through the mail. This gives you the chance to edit and rewrite as many times as you need to, without stumbling over your words in a face-to-face confession of your undying love. A well-crafted letter is just as flattering to someone as a poorly worded confession. Plus, it allows your ex the time to think about their response. They won’t feel “on the spot”, like you are expecting an immediate response. When it comes to rekindling a relationship, you need a slow approach.

If you want to win your ex back fast, there’s a good chance you’re going to end up ruining the relationship. Reality isn’t like the movies and a grand gesture won’t always be appreciated. In fact, it could completely ruin your chances. You have to be patient, yet assertive. Don’t wait to tell him/her how you’re feeling or it may be too late.

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