Best Matchmaker London Advice For The Newly Single

Finding yourself single after a long-term relationship can be hard. You’re hurting from the previous relationship and confused about what to do next. You’re out of the dating game and you don’t really know if you even want to get back in. Although there’s no blueprint to getting back out there, you should be able to find a starting point below. We’ve put together our best matchmaker london dating tips and advice for you.

Deal With Your Emotions

It can be tempting to hide your emotions down or numb the pain using substances. Instead, it’s better to actually deal with your emotions. It is healthy, even if it’s uncomfortable and takes a while. You can reach out to your friends or family to help you through. It’s important to surround yourself with people who care about you and your personal improvement. If you’re really struggling, you can call a relationship expert to talk to. You can also write out your feelings in a journal. No matter what, refrain from contacting your ex. Even if you think it will help, it is only going to delay your healing.

Love Yourself

When you’ve gone through a break-up, it’s ideal to take time to love yourself. The goal is to figure out who you are, now that you are an individual and not a couple. There are many options for getting re-connected with yourself. If you’re looking for suggestions, try: taking yourself out on a date, going to the spa, spending an entire day at the beach, getting a massage, learning a new skill, taking up a new hobby, etc. It has never been a better time to get yourself in peak shape, physically and spiritually! That’s one of the best matchmaker london tips that you need to consider. 

Enjoy Being Single

Before you rush back into the dating world, take some time and enjoy being single. You have the option to meet more people now and make different connections. London in particular is full of opportunity. Take advantage of that!  If you can afford to travel, then go somewhere exotic and fun! If you can’t travel right now, then pretend you’re new to your own city and go somewhere you haven’t been in a long time. You can also take time to build stronger connections in your personal life, such as with family members or friends. It’s important to have fun, and dating may come naturally.

Evaluate Your Wants

You have probably realized there were elements of your past relationship that you didn’t care for. This is the best time to consider those elements. Think about what you really want in a relationship and a partner. Think about what you won’t tolerate, the “deal-breakers”, as they are called. No one wants to “settle”, yet everyone has traits they find undesirable. It may also be useful to think about what you contribute to a relationship and what your main weaknesses are.

Date Slowly

Too often, people rush into a new relationship. This often leads to a short-term investment that only brings more pain. Instead of jumping into something new, try casual dating for a while. You can actively be meeting new people and going on dates. At the same time, not investing too much emotion in any date. You can take longer to screen potential partners too. You are under no pressure to get into a new relationship, so it’s a good idea to take your time. Enjoy the process!

We hope you enjoyed these best matchmaker London tips and can use them to find love today.