The Best Places For Outdoor Dates In London

If you’ve recently joined a London dating agency, you’ll be excited to start meeting people.

Outdoor dates are becoming increasingly popular now restrictions are easing. Nature is just starting to bloom, the colours returning to the scenery. It’s so beautiful and everyone wants to be immersed in that environment. It’s warm weather, and it brings out the lovebirds. It isn’t hard to put together an outdoor date. There are many things to do and see in the city of London, whether you’re a new resident or someone who has lived here a long time. With the parks and gardens, there is never a dull moment. You can always just stroll the streets of London. You don’t need money, just good walking shoes.

However, some people are getting tired of socially distanced dates now. If you’re looking for something a little more date-like, try one of these ideas for outdoor dates in London .

Take a canal ride from Little Venice to Camden Market; The canal rides are some of the most popular date ideas in London, with Little Venice as a major attraction. Since it’s popular, availability might be limited. You’ll want to take this ride when tourists aren’t around.

Go to Holland Park and see Kyoto Garden; There’s nothing quite like a tiny piece of Japan right in a London park. Here, you’ll get to experience a slice of tranquility. You can watch the coy swimming, enjoy the waterfall, and simply relax. This makes a great date because it calms the mind, which might soothe your date-induced nerves.

Build a bouquet of flowers together at the Columbia Road Flower Market; Bouquets have been given as a gift for a long time. In recent years, the trend has started to fade. More people have allergies and less people want flowers. However, building a bouquet together can redefine the experience of receiving flowers.

Play a few rounds of mini-putt at Alexandra Palace; If you’re into a little friendly competition, mini-putt is always a blast. It’s a classic date, and for a good reason. It’s low-cost and high-availability. If Ally Pally isn’t your idea of fun, there are many other mini-putt locations which make for great outdoor dates in London

Take a boat ride on the Serpentine in Hyde Park; It’s a relaxing date when you’re on the water. A boat ride on the Serpentine is a great way to enjoy each others company. You have a quiet environment that gives you a chance to talk and learn more about each other too.

Bigger Budget Ideas for the Best Outdoor Dates in London

Walk through the Crystal Palace Park; Grab a bite to eat and take a walk through the Palace. You can even pack a picnic if you want to get fancy. This park provides a beautiful backdrop for you and your date to enjoy while getting a good walk.

Enjoy a private igloo and roof-top skating at Skylight; Yes, roof-top skating is the activity offered at Skylight. You can also enjoy a private igloo and cozy up with your date. If you want to leave a lasting impression, this is the way to go. This is especially cool for those who enjoy winter.

Enjoy a rooftop campfire and drinks at the Midnight Apothecary; Availability for this option may be limited, since the experience is on a rooftop. You’ll enjoy drinks brewed locally, a campfire, and even be able to make smores. This is a one of the coziest and most unique outdoor dates in London. 

Attend an outdoor cinema at Rooftop Film Club (or Luna Cinema); If evening dates are something you really enjoy, you’ll love attending a midnight showing of classic films. There are a few outdoor cinemas, so you’ll want to hit up their websites and see what’s showing ahead of time!

Here’s an idea for one of the best outdoor dates in London : Tour the city like never before by taking the London Helicopter; Just like it says, you’ll fly over the city in a helicopter. You’ll see a view of the city that could never imagine. With the parks and gardens below you, you’ll truly feel spring fever.

Experience a one-on-one concert at King’s Cross; This experience is one of the most incredible things you can do, especially on a date. You’ll enjoy an intimate concert as the only attendants. Each set ranges from 15-45 minutes. There is no charge, but donations are strongly encouraged. After all, these musicians are providing an undeniably unique experience.

These are just a few of the best outdoor dates in London. Use your imagination and you’ll soon have something fun to look forward to!