Best London Singles Clubs


A classic way to meet people is going to a nightclub or a bar. It’s not uncommon to approach someone in a party atmosphere and strike up a conversation. Most people go to the club to have a good time. If you’re going just to pick up singles, you’re unlikely to be successful. The atmosphere is relaxed, and casual. You’re going to want to let loose and have a good time yourself. You’re likely to meet someone while you’re just enjoying yourself. Of course, if someone catches your eye, you should approach them! Many people are too shy or afraid to be bold. In the modern age, bold is better. You want to approach someone with confidence.

Of course, if you don’t know where to go, here are a few of the best London Singles Clubs to get you started:


SiXTY/FoUR Cocktail Bar & Grill


While you might not consider this a first-stop, you should! The bar has a chill atmosphere, with a touch of sophistication. Although it may look small from the outside, it is anything but! You’ll be able to enjoy a meal, drinks, and good company. The staff here are friendly, and know how to show patrons a good time. There are even staff members who make signature drinks, just to add to the fun of it all. Strike up a conversation with a bartender or another patron. You won’t be disappointed.




This club is one of the best London Singles Clubs, offering great music and an even better atmosphere. You can feel at ease when you’re dancing the night away to a live DJ over an awesome sound system. You can really feel the bass pumping through your veins here. Along with the dancefloor, you can sneak off to the second level to get a bit more privacy. This makes it easy to meet someone, and sneak off for a conversation.




Another of the Best London Singles clubs, Fabrics is well-known for their techno music. The wait may be longer than other clubs, but once you’re inside, you’ll love the wide open atmopshere. Although the dance floor may feel crowded, it gives you the chance to “bump into” someone of interest. Don’t be afraid to say hello!


There are many events throughout London that are aimed at professional singles. These events vary from speed-dating to themed parties. Different companies provide different types of events. If you’re shy or have trouble approaching people, you might opt for speed-dating. The idea of only having a few minutes with someone gives you the opportunity to showcase your best self. It doesn’t give you enough time to make a fool of yourself. As a bonus, you don’t have to guess why the individual is there. You know it’s for the same reason you are! A few of the big names in singles events are Smudged Lipstick, Date in a Dash, Marianna’s, Cocktails and Conversation and Speed Dater. 


Best London Singles Clubs Alternative


If you’re struggling at a single’s club and you find yourself frustrated, it may be time to consult with a professional. There is a chance you need to tweak your approach or your conversation skills. You can do this by hiring a dating coach who will guide you through meeting someone. This may shed some light on issues you didn’t even know you had. Whether it’s striking up a conversation or following through after the first date, a coach can help you find success. You may also want to consider using a match-maker service if time is something you’re lacking. A good deal of the footwork is done by the company, matching you to someone truly special.


Alternatively, you may want to consider MeetUp. You can use an internet browser or download the app for your smartphone. There are several groups you can join that will help you find exactly what you’re looking for. You can choose from your personal interests and beliefs or opt for a more generic concept, like singles’ events. You can easily find people to connect with. Unlike online dating, individuals using meet-up are looking for something specific. If that sounds like you, give it a try.