Marriage Goals might be something that’s on your mind a lot.

We all get to the point in our lives where dating feels a little, pointless. You meet new people and have great experiences, sure. But none of your dates seem to be going anywhere long-term. While some people enjoy the idea of never settling down, others are looking for the picket fence and porch swing. Someone to share time with and grow old with. If that’s where your thoughts are looking, then it’s time for you to settle down. It’s time to find that special someone who wants to build a future with you. That’s the key to marriage goals.

But like many others in your shoes, you’re asking where? Where do you start to look for this someone? Haven’t you been looking for a long-term partner this entire time? Surprisingly, the fear of commitment and the fear of failure keep many people from truly making connections. This can affect who you’re meeting and even how your interactions go. You could have met that special someone already, but you weren’t open to seeing them as such until now. The good news is that once you’ve reached this point, you’ll start to see future potentials and time-wasters for exactly what they are. The dating game is stale. Overdone. It’s time to try something new.

People like you who are looking to settle down aren’t looking on dating websites or social apps. They aren’t following the trends because that’s exactly what leads to time wasters and hook-ups. Instead, they are looking to the traditional channels of getting to meet new people. This means through friends, through work and even through their hobbies. You can meet someone wherever you leisurely spend your days off, but there’s a chance they are just looking for a break.

Instead, try signing up for a class. It doesn’t matter what kind of class. It could be cooking, learning to Salsa dance or pretty much anything else. This gives you a new experience, education and a different pool of possible partners. Many people who want something serious sign up to classes like this to scout for someone in their shoes. That’s exactly what you’ll be doing. Take note of people who are alone. If they keep to themselves they might be shy or simply disinterested. Pay attention to anyone who is looking around. This likely means they are looking for someone or something. These individuals will be approachable and conversational. They are more likely to want a future, like you. Realistically, they are likely sick of dating too and will also have clear marriage goals.

Why are classes the best way to meet serious people?

Signing up for the class shows a level of commitment. It means the individual is looking to establish a routine. It’s unlikely that singles are going to be doing this activity because they are still out playing the dating game. You’re bypassing the whole process and opting for a more secure method of meeting someone else who is as serious as you are.

From the first conversation to the first date and everything that follows, you’ll be building towards the future you envisioned.

Finally, if you want a helping hand then you may want to consider a matchmaking agency.