Marriage Agency London – What Do Men Find Attractive?

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Marriage Agency London Advice: What Do Men Really Find Attractive

Marriage Agency London Dating Expert James Preece brings you some excellent advice today after doing a survey of his members.

There are so many speculations about what men find attractive. Women tend to change and enhance themselves to meet those wants. The social media selfie craze and billboard advertisements have many women thinking men are only looking at physical attributes. Yes, most men appreciate a good physical appearance, the same way most women prefer one. But, you’d be shocked to learn that looks aren’t even on the list of what traits men find the most attractive. Here what the Marriage Agency London survey revealed:

Are you the type of girl who wants time to yourself? Do you enjoy girls nights out or reading on the couch with a glass of wine? Are you comfortable with your boyfriend going out for a guys night, or playing video games in the den all night while you’re asleep?

Men like women who are independent and self-reliant. Most men look for a women who will still give them space. They aren’t looking for someone who wants to spend every second with them. He wants you to have time to yourself because he’s going to want time to himself.

It turns out that men are also attracted to women based on their interests. When you think about it, our interests and hobbies can really describe who we are as people. So when you’re on a first date, make sure to mention a strange collection you have. Or mention that you weird hobby you don’t think anyone is into. You’ll be surprised at the reception.

It should go without saying that one of the traits men look for in women is communication. When it comes to building a lasting relationship, it’s an important trait to have. There is nothing harder than trying to talk to someone who can’t communicate. If you’re not great at it, it’s time to start working on you.

Another shocking trait that men find attractive is honesty. You may be inclined to enhance your stories or play down your obsession with stuffed cat toys. You may want to try and sound sexy and appealing. Don’t try. Be yourself. It’s going to work better for you, because you’ll be more comfortable. It’s also going to prevent any awkward “oh yeah, about that” conversations should you get involved.

Now with all the negativity in the world, it’s not shocking that men want positive thinkers. He doesn’t want to hear you whine and complain about the state of the world. Or raised taxes. Or a co-worker eating your lunch. That’s not to say you can’t ever vent. But put a positive spin on those same complaints. This will also help you. You’ll notice over time you don’t feel the negative views anymore.

When you’re going out with a man, don’t be afraid to make the first move. Men find women attractive who aren’t afraid to go for what they want. If you think it’s the perfect time for that movie scene kiss, make the first move. This shows initiative. It shows you don’t wait around for good things to happen to you: You make them happen.

Finally, the trait that appeared number one for the Marriage Agency London Survey is: kindness.

That’s right. The most important thing a woman can be is kind. Men find it the most attractive. This means you hold the door open for the little old lady in front of you. It means you smile and nod at passerbys. You politely dismiss the homeless instead of ignoring them like you didn’t hear them. Men want to see these little displays of humanity.

If you’re kind and good at communication, you’ll be attractive to any man.

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