Is He Ready to Settle Down?

There comes a time in most relationships when just “dating” is no longer what you’re interested in. You’d like to take the arrangement to the next level; a real relationship. You’re ready to commit to the person you’re interested in. You’re ready to settle down, at least for the foreseeable future. But the question is, how do you know what your partner is thinking?  Is he ready to settle down too?

 Are there signs you can look for? If you ask, will your partner be honest or just say what they think you want to hear? There are many questions that might go through your head when you decide to take this step. The good news is that there are tell-tale signs.

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While it is common for a woman nearing her thirties to be looking to settle down, it isn’t as common among men in the same age bracket. Independent studies have shown that most men are only ready to settle down once they feel satisfied with where they are, career wise. This is because a man is only truly confident in his place in the world when he knows he’s financially stable. Many men base the stability of their relationships with that of their careers.

On the upswing of a bright career, more men are looking to find that special someone or take their relationship with their current partner to the next level. In the middle of developing their career, their focus is on something they deem more important. After all, if they can’t provide for themselves yet then they aren’t thinking about providing for someone else. Of course, not all men have to be the providers in a relationship. More and more, it’s a give-take arrangement where partners see each other equally. It’s still a deeply embedded belief that men are the providers. So, bare with the man you’ve found who is still hung up on that concept!

Aside from his career status, there are other signs you can look for to know he’s ready to settle down:

He isn’t interested in purely casual sex.
They aren’t afraid to ask the big questions.
He makes sure you’re both on the same page about the relationship.
They always consider your needs as important as his own.
He’s thoughtful and considerate of your feelings and emotional well-being.

As men grow older and wiser, they start to evaluate what has meaning in theirs lives. Casual sex and casual dating start to seem like a waste of time. An avoidance of facing the future of settling down. But, as the idea settles in their minds, they realise settling down might be in their best interest. These men are more likely to initiate conversations about the future. They may already be considering having children in the near future as well. As a Dating Coach, I see this a lot.

Of course, there are always going to be men who are afraid of commitment. Men who believe they will never settle down. These men are easy to pick out, because they tend to be a little more self-involved. Maybe they will rush things becoming physical, or not bother talking about their feelings. These are the men you won’t see a future with – the ones you’re best to pass on.

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