What To Talk About On A First Date

If you’re worried about the conversation on a first meeting, you’re not alone. It’s such a big part of the dating process and your success depends on making that first impression. Many people wonder what to talk about on a first date,and what not to talk about. There are divided opinions on many subjects, which will be outlined below.

It’s okay to be nervous. It’s okay to express those nerves. You can even use your nerves as an ice-breaker to make your date laugh. This may be the first thing you have in common, since everyone is nervous on a first date. It make seem unnecessary to state the obvious, but sometimes it will help you to have a successful date.

Getting all this right is an important part of preparing for a first date successfully. 

What Do You Have In Common?

You are trying to establish common interests with your date. You need to find common ground to move forward. You can try asking questions about their hobbies, interests, passions, favorites, goals, talents, career. These will help you get to know the person you’re with. Ask questions. Listen to the answers your date gives. You may also want to pay attention to how often you’re being asked questions.

Use Ice Breakers

You can always refer to “ice breakers”. They are a staple when it comes to a first date. This is a good time to exercise your random knowledge too. Before the date, you can look up a list of questions to ask. If there’s a lull in conversation, you can revive it through fun and silly prompts. It’s much easier than trying to figure out what to talk about on a first date your own. Ideally, you won’t have to refer to the ice-breakers because the conversation will flow, naturally.


When you’re asking questions, try not to ask too many. You don’t want the date to feel like an interrogation. You may also want to avoid certain topics, such as; family, friends, childhood, dream life. You’ll definitely want to avoid politics, even if it’s something important to you. You may want to avoid talking too much about work as well. Although it may be an important part of your life, most people find it boring. You can mention the highlights of your career, listen to theirs, and change subjects as needed. Another topic to avoid on a first date is past lovers, marriage, and children.

As much as you want to be relatable, you don’t want to “one-up.” your date. If they are telling a story, listen. Don’t wait for them to finish speaking just so you can tell of a similar story that happened to you. You can mention that something similar happened, but try not to take away from their story or experience. Good listening skills are a rarity.

Give Them a Taste of You

You are going to want to talk about yourself too. Of course, you don’t want to talk about yourself too much because your date may feel like you’re selfish. Additionally, you don’t want to leave too many pieces of yourself out there. You want to be careful what information you’re sharing and who you’re sharing it with.

Be Truthful

The worst thing you can do on a first date is be inauthentic. If you’re hoping to find someone to spend your time with long-term, you need to be honest. This means that you present yourself as you truly are, even if you want to embellish slightly. It’s better to be honest.

So there you go – now you know what to talk about on a first date. The next important step is to increase your opportunities to start meeting other single professionals !