Dating Agency Fees – Are they Worth Paying?

by | Aug 4, 2020 | 4 comments

Dating Agency Fees Report

Dating agency fees can cost quite a lot of money. But are they an investment worth making or are they just a quick way to lose your hard earned cash?

As a leading Dating Expert, I’ve been working closely with matchmakers and dating agencies all over the UK for the last decade. As a result, I know exactly who is good and who isn’t. While there are certainly some dodgy companies out there, many offer a really useful service to single professionals. 

Introduction agencies have really improved what they offer. Many of them come and go, but the ones who have stood the test of time are very experienced at what they do. Then there’s the new breed of younger matchmakers and matchmaking services who have sprung up over the last few years. There are some excellent choices amongst these as they are have worked hard to train and learn everything that needs to be done to help clients.

Hard work means costs are high

Of course, I understand that dating agencies – in particular London introduction agencies – are not a cheap choice. Dating agency prices can costs several thousand pounds, depend on how many matches you would like. However, what they offer is worth every penny you spend. Online dating and dating apps may well work for some, but they aren’t suitable for everyone. If you work long hours and don’t have time to keep searching yourself, then it’s definitely worth hiring a matchmaker to do this for you. They work extremely hard, so they do much more than you probably realise. They can match, headhunt and then interview suitable partners on your behalf, all of  which can take a considerable amount of time. When they’ve found someone for you then all you need to do is show up and meet them.

More members = More matches

While dating agency fees can vary considerably, they tend to cost more in London. This is simply because there are more single people in the London than anywhere else in the country.  So this means you’ll have more opportunities, which means more work for your matchmaker.

In conclusion, if you have struggling to meet someone for a while and would love to settle down, paying dating agency fees could be the best investment you ever make. After all, if it leads to you finding your husband, wife, or partner of your dreams then is it really something you can afford NOT to do? 

Don’t wait any longer. Your ideal partner could be out there. Contact me now to talk things over and then choose the best dating agency for you. My dating expert advice is completely free and without obligation.