Exclusive Dating Tips – Conversation starters

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Exclusive Dating Tips – Top 5 best conversation starters

You are at a work event and you look over to spot the most attractive man/woman in the room. You immediately want to know this person, but how do you go about it in the best way?

Opening a conversation with a stranger becomes increasingly more difficult if you’re highly attracted to them – you want them to like you back after all.

Here are my top 5 dating expert ice–breakers for a non-fail first meeting:

“Have you been here before?”

This works well at most locations, especially if you yourself are familiar with your environment. If it is a bar you could suggest a great cocktail to try (and if you are male, proceed to buy it for the lady), or if it’s a mundane work event you might want to ask if they have any holidays coming up.

“Are you watching Game of Thrones?”

Current events or popular TV shows are great conversation openers and usually lead to exciting topics and interesting opinions. It’s more fun than asking more basic things like “where do you work” which can become stale.

“You are very pretty, I must say”

Flattery will get you everywhere! You can compliment someone on pretty much anything – eyes, hair, jewellery, smile… it’s guaranteed to lead to a more engaging conversation.

“I’m so embarrassed, I just slipped on the stairs and everyone saw..”

This exclusive dating advice is so important ! Humour naturally relaxes people. If you are clumsy like me self-deprecation goes a long way—bringing up an embarrassing story can ease tension and draw out funny stories from a crowd.

“Do you want to play?”

This line can be used anywhere informal where there is some kind of group activity happening. You might be at a house party and someone sets up beer pong, or at a work sports day event…anywhere where there are teams, ask your crush if they want to join. They will be flattered that you thought to include them and it’s a relaxed and fun way of bonding without any awkward conversations.

Having mastered the art of starting the chat, you must now learn to stop once the time has come. No matter how much the conversation is flowing there has to be a cut-off point to leave room for mystery. After about 5-10 minutes simply say “it’s been so nice talking to you…” with a plausible excuse of needing to leave. This is the point where you can ask for their number so you can continue over drinks another day. If all goes to plan, you have just secured yourself a first date!

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