How to be a Great Catch

For the most part, we all believe ourselves to be worth dating. We think we’re pretty awesome and it may even be true. But if everyone was as awesome as they believed they were, don’t you think less of us would still be single? The fact is that there might be a few flaws within ourselves that we’re overlooking. Maybe not deal breakers, but worth looking into anyway. After all, if you’ve spent all this time thinking you have no flaws, that might be the issue right there!

So here are our dating agency tips to discover how you can be a great catch.

Step one is accepting that no one can offer perfection. There’s no such thing and that itself is the true beauty within everyone. We don’t really have an absurd standard to live up. We can’t all shine every second of the day. There are going to be bad days, even bad weeks. We all go through them. A rough week at work can ruin an otherwise good month. One minute can be responsible for ruining an entire day or more. By accepting that we can’t be perfect, we step outside of the expectations we have for ourselves. It’s freeing to be on the other side, recognizing that you’re just a simple person trying the best they can.

Once you’ve accepted that, it’s time to start taking a look at your more permanent flaws. Are you super picky? Do you chew too loudly? Do you roll your eyes a lot? Do you drift in and out of the conversation? If there are annoying habits you have like that, it’s time to start changing them. You never really know if something so trivial might be the reason you’re not landing a more permanent relationship!

In order to truly be a great catch, you’ve got to beat your competition. You’ve got to offer something no one else is offering. How can you manage that? By consistently working on making yourself a more improved version of who you are deep down. This means being genuine, which is the most attractive trait a person can have within themselves. If you’re genuine and trying your hardest, you are already ahead of your competition.

Of course, being a good listener is always a trait that people love. It’s hard to hold someone’s attention on a date. Whether it’s telling a story or talking about hobbies, drifting off in thought is a common reason that dates don’t work out. If you can keep your attention span in check and follow along with their words, you’re already making an impression. You’re going to stand out as long as you’re being yourself and not trying to be something you think other people want.

You’ve probably heard that a great body or lots of money are the best ways to attract attention. That only works if you’re looking for something shallow. If you want a deep connection with someone, you have to have a deep connection with yourself first. If you’re not quite sure that you do, don’t worry about it. All you can really do is keep trying. Love is about growing as an individual and with your partner.

Find Your Own Great Catch

Once you have worked on yourself, you’ll find that other people will naturally be drawn to you. You will start to think about how you can attract the love of your life and start dating again. At this stage, the important thing is find someone who is truly aligned with you. You’ll need someone equally as amazing with similar values, interests and life goals.

If you’d like to find your own great catch, you should consider joining a dating agency. Check out our dating agency reviews to get you started!