How to save a relationship

At one point or another, we’ve all had to sit down and evaluate our relationships. It’s never a joyous experience, but it’s often a necessary one. If someone is questioning their relationship, there is usually a reason. Sometimes, it’s nothing more than insecurity. You’re afraid of losing the one you love or pushing them away. If you’re going through emotional or family issues, you might be pushing someone away without even realising it. Whatever the case may be, you know when you’re unhappy in a relationship. You probably don’t know how to save a relationship. But you’re going to learn.

The best method to save a relationship largely depends on what is wrong. It’s really important for you to figure out: what changed? You were happy once, right? What happened to change that? Was it sudden or gradual? Do you feel like you’ve been unhappy for a while? Or maybe you feel like your partner has lost interest or have you? Perhaps you often get upset with each other? Have you spoken to your partner about the way you’re feeling? Do they feel the same as you? Knowledge is power. Knowing what has caused the drift gives you the knowledge to move forward.

If you’re both feeling like this relationship isn’t working there’s no sense moving forward. You’re only going to prolong the inevitable break-up. You shouldn’t feel bad that it didn’t work out. Remember the good times you’ve had together and move on. Letting go gives you both the chance to find happiness elsewhere. In some cases, you’ll find that neither of you want to let go. In that case, keep trying! Let’s proceed, assuming you’re both committed to working out how to save the relationship.

The first step you need to take is simple: Talk. Tell your partner exactly what you’ve been feeling, even if he/she gets upset. Listen to your partner as they express how they’ve been feeling. Make sure you talk about any issues that are on your mind. Try and stay calm while doing this. If it escalates into a fight, you’re likely going to regret it. If you don’t feel you can talk in the privacy of your own home, go see a relationship therapist. Having a safe space could be a great way to get to the bottom of your issues. At the end, you’ll likely realise it’s a trivial little thing that’s tearing you apart. You just need the chance to reconnect.

You may be surprised how many relationships fall apart, simply because the couple didn’t spend enough time together. In this day and age, everything is so busy. You’re likely struggling to balance work and family. You can barely find the time to sit down and enjoy a moment of silence, let alone put aside a few hours. But, it’s important for a happy relationship to work. You have to really make time for each other. You can do this by scheduling events in specific time frames or simply picking a random day of the week.

If you have to schedule around a day off, do it. If you have to pick an obscure time, do that. It doesn’t mean you have to go out to the movies or dinner. You don’t even have to spend money. Spending time together means laying in bed or on the couch talking. It means showering together or sitting at the kitchen table for coffee. If you feel like you’ve got nothing to talk about, try a conversation card/board game. Try to avoid a mobile phone for this because it will diminish the quality of time you’re spending together.

Hopefully, you’re not asking how to save a relationship anymore and you’re doing it instead. If you’d like some help you might do well to seek out a Dating Coach