Six Reasons Why You Are Still Single

We’ve all been on a bad date. A few bad dates most likely. If you haven’t, then that makes you one of the rare ones. The rest of us are no stranger to a date going wrong.While it’s not always your fault the date didn’t go well, it doesn’t hurt to check-in with yourself. There are many common dating mistakes which I often see as Dating Coach. So to help you understand what you could be doing, here are 6 possible reasons why you are still single.

You’re too picky

Everyone has an ideal partner in mind. From looks to personality, maybe even profession. The reality is, we don’t always get what we want. Sometimes, you have to make small compromises. You’re allowed to have deal-breakers, but they should be personal values. It’s silly to turn someone down simply because they are a couple of inches too short or live a few miles away.. If you wonder why you are still single, try adjusting your standards and see if that changes anything for you.

You have unrealistic expectations

It’s not fair to a potential partner if you’re trying to fit them into some sort of mold. While it’s good to know where you’d like to end up, it’s not always good to try and force any particular outcome. Instead, let the relationship develop naturally and see where things go. Maybe it won’t be exactly what you were looking for, but it will be a genuine relationship.

You’re looking in the wrong places

There’s a good chance you are still single because you’re looking for love in all the wrong places. While dating applications and websites have grown in recent years, there are still options to meet people face-to-face. If your experience with dating has been online-only, try getting out in the real world and approaching people. It can be a little intimidating at first, so start small. The first conversation you strike up could be with someone who works at the establishment you’re going to or someone of the same gender. This will get you warmed up for approaching someone you find desirable.

You lack confidence

When you’re lacking self confidence, you often come across to others as needy. Insecurity shows in both major and subtle ways. For instance, a major way insecurity shows is jealousy. This may even lead to making a scene. No one wants to deal with drama like that. A subtle way insecurity shows is a lack of eye contact. There are many reasons you could be lacking confidence. The reason doesn’t matter as much as how you’re going to deal with the issue.

You have difficulty opening up to people

This is also known as a fear of intimacy. This can stem from trust issues or hurt from past relationships. It can even be caused by low self-esteem. This is why it’s really important to believe in yourself. When you can trust yourself to make good decisions, it is easier to trust others. It’s not easy to be vulnerable, especially when you’re dealing with someone you don’t know very well. Relationships are built on trust and you need to be able to open yourself up.

You’re not actually looking

It sounds like a strange option, but some people don’t even realize they aren’t actually looking for companionship. It could be that you were bored and decided to try dating, but you’ve got no real commitment to it. Maybe you’re too busy with work and you don’t have the time to truly give a relationship. Of course, you could be dating simply to get a relative off your back about being single. If this is ultimately the reason you’re still single, then that’s fine. However, don’t put your love life on hold unless you really want to.

Of course, there are lots of other possible reasons why you are still single. However, if you’d like some help to change that…and you are ready…then book a call with me now to discuss choosing the right dating agency for you.