What makes a good dating agency?

Although there are dozens of dating websites and apps you can sign up for, you may feel tired of the constant swiping culture. It is frustrating to be consistently looking for someone new to connect with when most people are just looking for the next best thing. This mindset has been a set back for anyone looking for a genuine connection. Of course, it’s not completely hopeless. You can always look into a dating agency to help you find that special someone.

If you don’t know where to start looking, you’re in the right place. I’m a dating coach for over fifteen different dating agencies and I know exactly what you need to learn. This article is going to guide you on how to choose a good dating agency for you and your personal needs.


One of the reasons a dating agency is better than random apps is the luxury of privacy. If you’re living in a small town, this particular issue could be huge. There is a chance you don’t want the people you work with seeing you on a dating website. If you’re in a position of power, you don’t want to be swarmed by people looking to take advantage of your position. By opting to use a dating agency instead, you’re more in control of who is going to be seeing you. This also means you’re more likely to find a genuine connection.


Unlike websites that anyone can sign up to, dating agencies always screen their members. This is done to ensure a higher quality of singles. In addition to screening for things like financial status, they tend to also screen how serious a potential member is. After all, no one wants to waste their time. A dating agency is definitely worth paying for if they have an advanced screening process. If they are picky about who they accept, you may feel like your options will be more limited. While this is true, the options you get will be of a higher quality.


Many dating agencies take time to truly understand what you’re looking for. An agency may give you a series of tests and questionnaires to answer. Some of these will be longer than others. But every question brings the agency closer to understanding you, personally. This is done so they can find you matches that are more likely to work out, long term. When you’re paying for a matchmaking service, this is one of the things you’re investing in. A good dating agency will also help you to understand the process they use, as well as how it all works. You should feel comfortable asking questions. You should feel safe with the agency. You are important and the agency should make you feel as such.


There is always more to finding love than simply meeting people. That is why it’s important to know which areas you may need improvement in. A good dating agency should provide you with ongoing advice on how to improve your conversation skills, how you present yourself, and other things that may be standing in your way of finding love. Coaching is always appreciated, even if you don’t feel like you need the help. There’s nothing wrong with taking the time to learn. You might discover something about yourself and what you’re looking for.

If you’d like to find out which might be the right agency for you, please book a free call with me today.