Socially Distanced Dating Ideas


If you are thinking about joining a matchmaking agency, you might be wondering how you will be meeting new people during these strange times.

It isn’t as easy as it was to date during covid, but it isn’t impossible either. There are many different options that will allow you to see someone face-to-face. Socially distanced dating is very possible and happening all the time. You may be nervous, which is completely understandable. Just remember that you’re date is likely to be just as nervous as you are. Take it easy, and take it slow. You can move at any pace that’s comfortable for you. 


Socially Distanced Dating Outdoor Activities


As you may already know, outdoor dates are mostly safe. When you’re not confined in a closed space, you have the ability to maintain distance from one another. Of course, taking a walk through the park  – although fun the first time – may get boring after a while. Here are a few suggestions for outdoor activities:

Picnic, stargazing, walk in the park, going on the swing sets, tennis, badminton, golf and mini-putt, paintball, go-karting, geo-tag hide-and-seek,, wine tour/tasting, hiking, fishing, hot air balloon, zip-lining, horseback riding, archery, axe-throwing, biking, camping, bonfire, drive-in movie, outdoor movie (portable projector), beach (bundle up), build a sandcastle, tour your city (pretend you’re new to town)


Home-based Activities


These suggestions are ideal if you’ve known each other for a while. You won’t be social distanced from each other, but you will be ensuring you’re distanced from other people.

Of choose, there are endless options for socially distanced dating home-based activities. If you’re unable to think of some, here are a few ideas to get you started: order food and eat-in, cook a meal together, watch a movie and have a popcorn fight, play a board game, ask each other personal questions (like 21 questions, have you ever, truth or dare, etc), spa night at home, turn on music and have a dance party, karaoke, video game marathon, create something together (scrapbook, coupon books for each other, paint, draw, write, make videos), plan a future date (dreaming of the days when everything will be open again), put together a bucket list of things you specifically want to do together), fondue, card games


Virtual Dating


If you’re still reserved about dating face-to-face, here are a few virtual dating ideas you can try:

Online classes, watching videos on youtube, virtual tours (museums, aquariums, etc)


More Intimate Socially Distanced Dating Ideas


You’re not likely to try any of these socially distanced dating ideas with a complete stranger but they are great once you get to know someone. These ideas will bring you physically closer. You’ll want to make sure you’re comfortable with your date and ready to move to the great level. You’ll also want to make sure that neither of you are exhibiting symptoms or have been in contact with people who have.

Now if you’re looking for intimate home dates, here are a few ideas:

Blindfold taste test, twister, painting or drawing each other,wine tasting, board games, really get to know each other with the “36 questions that lead to love”, work-out, drinking games, breakfast/lunch/dinner in bed

In the modern world of dating, the best experiences are the more creative ones. Don’t be afraid to try something a little out of the box to ensure a memorable date night!