UK Matchmaker Interview with Caroline Brealey

UK Matchmaker Caroline recently sat down to tell us all about her matchmaking experiences and adventures.

Why did you decide to become a UK matchmaker? 

At the time I launched Mutual Attraction I was single and actively dating. Quirky events, online dating, speed dating – you name it, I tried it!

I looked for something more tailored and personal. Whilst there were already matchmakers operating in London I didn’t fit their demographic and I felt they were a bit old school for me.

I had always had a passion for helping others and thought my skills would be a perfect for matchmaking. I decided to launch a contemporary dating agency for the modern London city professional and I’ve never looked back.

What makes you different to other companies/matchmakers?

A quick peek on our website and you’ll see that our style is much more down to earth, approachable and contemporary than other matchmakers. This is why we have become the matchmaker of choice for stylish, successful and cosmopolitan Londoners.

Each client has their own dedicated, experienced UK matchmaker working with them throughout their membership and from experience, we go so far above and beyond to make love happen which sets us apart from others.

We were also awarded the UK Matchmaking Agency of the year at the 2014 UK Dating Awards and since then I have been Head Judge on the judging panel which has been a huge honour, as well as winning the iDate best matchmaker award. 

What do you like most (and least) about being a UK matchmaker? 

I love hearing peoples stories and hearing their unique experiences only they have lived. We are a chatty team at Mutual Attraction so all the matchmakers love spending time with clients and hearing about their past relationships, what they’

re looking for now and what a relationships means to them.

The downside of being a UK matchmaker is that we can’t guarantee love. We get really close to our clients, in many ways they become like good friends to and so we feel a huge responsibility to make sure they leave us in love. We do everything we can to make it happen, but the nature of dating means it’s sometimes out of our hands.

Do you think the way matchmakers are viewed in the UK is changing? 

Yes! It’s super exciting at the moment because matchmakers are finally ditching their old fashioned image and matchmaking is definitely now seen as a desirable service. We describe ourselves as a slice of luxury dating in a world of tinder hook-ups! Dating apps and sites have become so saturated, it’s hard to find the genuine people and that partly why matchmakers are seeing an increase in clients.

Do you have any funny or interesting dating stories?

We once matched a couple in their 50s and it turned out they had dated for 3 years in their late teens! They met one another and had a great date and are still friends to this day. It’s a shame no love blossomed but what are the chances?

What’s the best advice you would give to someone looking for a partner?

Go through your ‘must have’ list (we all have them!) and question ‘why’ to every must have. For example why must they only work in a creative job? Why must they live no further than zone 4? Why must they have been educated a particular way?

Over the years our must have lists become so big that it practically rules out every single person in the City! What once was important to you might be less so now. On your must have list there should really be no more than 3 things that you truly won’t compromise on.

What are the most common mistakes people make when dating? 

Making a snap judgement from a photo.

I cant think of how many potentially amazing relationships never happened because someone didn’t like the persons hair in a photo, or the top they were wearing! I always say ‘this is your life, your relationship, if you turn down the chance to meet amazing people because of things like that, it’s only you who is missing out in the long run’. Be open minded and I’ve people a chance – it’s where the BEST relationships come from!

What your greatest success story? 

We had a member who had had 2 dates with a great guy and she had a 3rd in the diary. The day of the 3rd she called us up and said she was going to cancel because she was having a rubbish day at work and he hadn’t shown that must interest in her. Now, we knew he really really liked her so we persuaded her to go on the date and then called him and basically told him to up his game! That was over a year ago and they are one of the loveliest couples we have ever matched – they truly are a great match and I’m so glad that she said yes to the 3rd date!

What trends and changes do you see happening over the next few years in the dating world?

Right now the dating industry is on tenterhooks – what will be the next ‘big thing’?! I think we’re going to see video being utilised much more in dating apps and I believe more and more people are going to be switching offline and meeting people face to face. It’s worked for a whole lifetime so offline dating does work.

Have your met your own soulmate?  If so, how did you know? 

I met my soulmate in the very early days of launching Mutual Attraction. He was such an incredible support to me from day 1. When something went wrong with the website he would stay up till the early hours to fix it. He became my sounding board and helped me through so many challenges. He was my number 1 fan and still is to this day!   I also knew he was the 1 for me when he made me a triple chocolate cheesecake!

What is the best way for a man to approach or a woman?  Is it OK for a woman to approach a man? 

In my book there are no rules when it comes to dating. Take a chance, if you see someone you like the look of go and say hello. Initiate chat online. If you’re serious about finding love – do whatever it takes until you find it 🙂

 What is the secret of a long and happy relationship?

Being able to enjoy day to day life together. It won’t always be grand gestures of love, or fancy holidays. Being able to laugh together and enjoy one another’s company, even after an hours commute on a tube in the height of summer is what love is all about!


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