Are you thinking of signing up with one of the UK Dating Agencies?  Don’t miss out on my free advice!

As one of the UK’s leading dating coaches,  I’ve been working in the dating industry for over 15 years. In this time I’ve become one of the most trusted dating experts in the world. I have worked for many top dating brands. I’m currently a dating coach for over 12 different dating agencies all over the world. I only work with reputable matchmaking agencies that I know get results for singles.

Many of my clients are professional singles – just like you – who are frustrated with not being able to meet a long term partner. They have had enough of online dating, dating apps and singles parties and have decided to seek the help of a professional.

Quite often they come to me for advice about which dating agency they should join. There are so many to choose from and reviews can often be mixed. That’s why I set up this dating agencies reviews site to reveal all the information about different agencies in one place. However, some would like to dive a bit deeper and want to speak to me directly about this. After all, every person is different and has different needs so there is no “one company fits all” solution.

I normally charge £50 for this service, but for a limited time I’m offering personal dating agency advice calls completely free of charge. That’s because I want to be able to reach more people and help them make the right choice. These are strange times right now but more and more people are experiencing loneliness and want to find a life partner. 

There are some incredible UK Dating Agencies out there who have great matchmakers and large databases. But there are sadly some terrible ones too!  They will take your money and make false promises, leaving you even more disappointed and frustrated. I can make sure you avoid these and stick to the ones I know and trust.

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If you are interested in speaking to me, it’s a very quick and easy process. Just click on BOOK A CALL at the top of the page and you can select a time that suits you. I’ll call you at the time you chose, and we’ll have a quick fifteen minute call.  You can tell me about yourself and the person you’d like to meet. Then I’ll give you my completely honest, independent and CONFIDENTIAL opinion about which agencies you should speak to.

Remember, there is NO CHARGE for this information or the call whatsoever. Some agencies may pay me a small commission if you sign up, but they cover that and not you. I don’t just recommend companies that I coach for or who pay me commission. It’s not a sales call either!

With most UK Dating Agencies charging from £2,500 up to £15,000 – do you want to take the risk of not having a quick chat with me? 


I’m so busy with dating coaching that I only have limited slots available. So please be quick as I can only offer the free calls when I have the time free.