Would you like to learn what to talk about on a date?

Dating is a nerve-racking job which can make a person either a hero or a disaster. As a Dating Coach I know how to make it work.

For a date to work, asking the right questions is the quickest means of knowing if you will want to see your partner again. Asking questions about your partner shows that you are interested in them and you should stop talking about yourself the entire time. This may result to boredom and your partner may even decide to never see you again. If you want your date to result in a future relationship or continue, you need to sharpen your questioning game. This is the best means you can win on a date. Here are some cool things you can talk about on a date to make it as perfect as possible.

Talk about travel not videos or movies

Do you know what to talk about on a date ? According to psychologist Richard Wiseman’s research, he found that talking about movies and videos gives someone less than 9 percent chance of getting another date. Talking about travelling creates more attention which makes your partner get attracted to your stories and therefore creates more chances of further dates.

Share secrets

The best way to win a date is by sharing personal information together. When each person opens up about their life experience, it will definitely lead to creation of mutual interest which cannot be easily broken. When you let your partner know more about you, it will give him/her chance to have an insight other people might not normally have. Secrets also lead to stimulating conversations and debate which keeps things going.

In case of any doubt, go for a controversial topic

Do not be shy about asking some topics which might be a little unsual. By this I mean you can think of something interesting.  Do they believe in UFO’s?   Should everyone in Britain be paid the same amount of money?  It’s still best to avoid things like politics as you don’t want to risk offending anyone. That’s now what to talk about on a date if you want a second!

Ask about his/her relationship with friends

Try to find out how you date relates with other people especially close friends in his/her life. In addition try to listen really carefully to what they say about those people. If you notice that most of the time they are criticizing or saying anything negative, then it is clear that you probably aren’t compatible. A good person will obviously show some care and concern towards his/her friends.

Have them talk about the people who know them the best

Sometimes, talking about yourself the entire time can be very dull. To ensure that your conversation runs smoothly, ask them to tell you more about the person who is closest to them. This will make them open up about their personal life without feeling awkward or weird about their life experiences.

Talk about favourite foods

Though food counts as one of the strangest things to be discussed during a date, it helps a lot as you will learn about what type of meal they like. It will also help you prepare the perfect meal for a future date or find a restaurant which both of you will enjoy visiting at some point.

So there you go. Now you know what to talk about on a date and you won’t find it awkward anymore. Try it yourself, and share your dating experiences with me in our comments section on this dating agency reviews site.