Where to Meet a Good Man

Dating is a hard game to play, especially when you’re not familiar with the board. In this case, we’re talking about where to meet a good man. Now, we’re going to skip out on the whole “internet dating” thing. Although you’ve probably heard it’s the “best way” to meet people, that’s not true for everyone. There are several places you can meet someone in person. If online dating is your thing, go right ahead. But any High End Matchmaker will know it can be highly competitive. In this article, we’re going to talk about where to meet a good man, offline.

The Usual Spots

You probably have your favorite “go-to” spots, right? A park you like to take a stroll in every Saturday. A favourite cafe with the best coffee and pastries. Maybe you have a favorite wine bar that always has the best sample flavors. Maybe there’s even a bar you frequent with your friends. It’s always worth a try to see if you can meet someone at one of your regular places. Meeting someone this way limits some of the anxiety associated with dating. Plus, it doesn’t mean you have to leave your comfort zone.

Your Social Circle

We don’t give enough thought to dating through our friends. It feels awkward, right? If you’re dating someone you met through a friend and the relationship goes sour, it becomes a problem. Consider a more estranged relationship. Try dating a friend of a friend of a friend. Move down the communication line and find someone you wouldn’t normally see in your typical life. Someone that maybe you’re friends don’t know all that well and invited to the party to be nice. Their co-workers maybe, but never date your own co-worker! One of the best ways to naturally get to this point is by going out. Even if you’re not feeling great, just say yes. Go to the parties. Get out to the bar. Definitely head to lunch.

Take every chance that’s presented to get yourself out there. If it’s not working, try a singles night. No, don’t go to a random one. Host one. Invite a guy friend, maybe a co-worker you’re not interested in. Invite your female friends and have their bring someone they aren’t interested in. Let everyone mingle and see what happens!

Get Creative to find a good man

Literally. Try attending and arts & crafts class or a cooking class. Any class will work to help you connect with people. You’ll want to choose activities based on your own personal interest though. You don’t want to sign up for a class just to meet a guy if you’re not interested in the subject. You’ll look a little silly when someone asks what drew you to sign up. Choose something you’re passionate about. Something you love. Then mingle! It’s easier to approach someone who clearly shares the same interests as you. Plus, it automatically gives you something to talk about.

Go Solo

Instead of relying on friends to help you learn where to meet a good man, try going out alone. No, not to bar or a club. You need a wingman if you’re taking that route. Instead, try grabbing lunch alone at a place you’ve never been. Trying going out to a movie on your own. Take a book and head to a cafe. Read for a little while, occasionally putting the book down. This gives someone who might want to approach you the opportunity to do so. It sounds strange to say, but you’ll likely to meet someone this way. If the “missed connections” posts on Craigslist are anything to go by, there are a lot of people who see someone they wish they could have talked to.

Make New Friends

Now, we’re not talking about men. We’re talking about women. Even if your social circle is fairly big, if you haven’t met someone it’s time to step outside that circle. Strike up a conversation with a woman you think is interesting. Make friends with a co-worker you haven’t really talked to. Why would you do this? Because you’ll have the chance to meet a whole different group of people, including the type of man you’re going to be interested in. Of course, don’t make friends with someone just to meet people through them. Definitely be genuine in your approach.

Lastly, there are alternative options if you’re still struggling to know where to meet a good man: Singles groups (facilitated by an organisation within the community), Speed dating, dating coaching for women and finally, the internet.